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Yes, I will shoot your event -- quincea├▒eras, birthday parties, baby showers, clubs, concerts, corporate gatherings, or anything involving tons of people in one place, I can handle it!

My base rate for a 2-hour event is $300, and an additional $75 for every subsequent hour.  If I have to spend additional funds to travel, I will also factor that into the cost.

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Portraits/Lifestyle Sessions

Whether you need headshots, baby pictures, graduation sessions, family portraits, or just shots of you doing whatever it is you enjoy doing, I will capture it! Yes, even your adorable doggo. :D

My rate is $250 per 2-hour session; each subsequent hour is an additional $75.  If travel is involved, I will charge accordingly.

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Real Estate

If you have a property for sale/lease, I can photograph it to your specifications! If you require drone footage, I am an FAA Part 107-certified sUAS pilot.

I charge a flat rate of $250, which is subject to change in accordance with the size of the property and time needed to complete the job.

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Well, the worst thing you can do if you have a delicious plate of food you intend to sell to someone is to make it look thoroughly unappetising. Let me make it look scrumptious at least!

Starting at $150 per session.

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Maybe you plan on tying knots.  But not just any knot -- the knot.  I got you covered.  I mean, why knot?

Starting at $400 for 2 hours, and $100 for each subsequent hour.  If other expenses occur, I will factor that into the cost.

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Perhaps it is you who has something to sell -- and I'd like to help you sell it!

Starting at $150, but subject to change according to other requirements.

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No matter which sport you play, I am well equipped to take it on!

My flat rate is $300, but will fluctuate depending on time considerations and/or arrangements made prior to the sporting event(s).

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