Frequently Frequented Freaky Questions

1) What on earth is a Clayton Jones Images?!

Simply put, a personal endeavour and a labour of love (and, I suppose, tens of thousands of dollars).  Clayton Jones Images are whatever I happen to see through my cameras and/or what others might perceive to be valuable visually.

2) Why "Clayton Jones Images" and not "Clayton Jones Photography"?

Because "photography", to me, sounded lame.  Everyone is "[insert name here] Photography", and, besides my name and my actual work, it doesn't pop like I think "Clayton Jones Images" does.

3) If you send me an image or if I purchase an image from your website, is it my image?

The short answer is no, and the long answer is also no.

If you have my image in your possession, whether through purchase or as a gift/promotion, it means you are allowed to use it for social media, self-promotion, and other similar purposes for your benefit, including sharing with peers.  You are absolutely not allowed to reproduce my work or utilise it in publications or as official additions to a website without my permission and/or payment.  Under no circumstance are you allowed to sell my work, and I retain copyright of all of my images unless I have specifically signed a contract with you regarding the relinquishing of my intellectual property (IP) rights.  Booking me and providing payment for photographic services does not indicate that you own my work: you're just licenced to use it.

I will never sign away my rights to anyone, unless it makes me rich or it benefits me greatly somehow in the long run, and even then, probably not.

4) Why do you have a giant watermark on your photos?

Because people like you steal things.

5) Do you work alone?

Yes.  Every single thing you see on this site and on my Instagram is a shot I took directly.  I have 0 helping hands when it comes to travelling to locations, setups, editing, or any associated tasks.  I am a one-man (side)show.

6) What is your favourite kind of photography?

Well, honestly, anything having to do with people and unscripted, unadulterated moments in time.

8) You're weird.

That's not a question, but it's a true statement.

7) Why is this question #7?

Well, it was initially supposed to appear below question #4, but change of plans.

9) Some images seem not as good as the others.  Why?

I consider that a person might want a particular moment to purchase, despite my personal objections based on criteria such as the image's quality.  If that person is looking for that item, and they truly enjoy the image I have, then I don't want to take it away from them.  (This may change later.)

10) Your website sucks.

a) Thanks. b) It was designed to suit two purposes: 1) to display my varieties of work and 2) to sell individual images, especially for particular events.

11) Nobody:

Me: Are you BBB-accredited?

BBB Accreditation - Clayton Jones Images

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