Frequently Frequented Freaky Questions

1) What on earth is a Clayton Jones Images?!

Simply put, a personal endeavour and a labour of love (and, I suppose, tens of thousands of dollars).  Clayton Jones Images are whatever I happen to see through my cameras and/or what others might perceive to be valuable visually.

2) Why "Clayton Jones Images" and not "Clayton Jones Photography"?

Because "photography", to me, sounded lame.  Everyone is "[insert name here] Photography", and, besides my name and my actual work, it doesn't pop like I think "Clayton Jones Images" does.

3) Do you work alone?

Yes.  Every single thing you see on this site and on my Instagram is a shot I took directly.  I have 0 helping hands when it comes to travelling to locations, setups, editing, or any associated tasks.  I am a one-man (side)show.

4) What is your favourite kind of photography?

Well, honestly, anything having to do with people and unscripted, unadulterated moments in time.

6) You're weird.

That's not a question, but it's a true statement.

5) Why is this question #5?

Well, it was initially supposed to appear below question #4, but change of plans.

7) Some images seem not as good as the others.  Why?

I consider that a person might want a particular moment to purchase, despite my personal objections based on criteria such as the image's quality.  If that person is looking for that item, and they truly enjoy the image I have, then I don't want to take it away from them.  (This may change later.)

8) Your website sucks.

a) Thanks. b) It was designed to suit two purposes: 1) to display my varieties of work and 2) to sell individual images, especially for particular events.

9) Nobody:

Me: Are you BBB-accredited?

BBB Accreditation - Clayton Jones Images

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