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About Clayton Jones Images

A mild interest developed into a hobby.  That hobby developed into a passion.  That passion became Clayton Jones Images.

Born and raised in Uptown and East New Orleans, Louisiana, photography was the absolute furthest thing from my mind growing up.  Though I enjoyed doodling, drawing maps, and creating other things, I had never once picked up a camera with any real intent.  My friend Joe (RIP) educated me in the art of building computers, and people around me at the time assumed that I had my sights set on cartography or a computer-based field.  

My dearly departed best friend/brother, Timothy, was pursuing a master's degree in film during my later years in the Army, and lambasted my (lack of) photography skills when he handed me his camera, a Nikon D7000, to take a photo of him and his mother.  Even though he made it quite clear that I sucked at the photo thing, I didn't care very much, as I knew nil about composing an image.  If I only knew...

Following my career in the Army, I had reached a sort of crossroads, as I was once again a civilian, but had not yet considered my own passion.  Up until that point, my life had largely been dictated by others' desires, and that suddenly changed with my newfound autonomy. 

Shortly after my exit from the military in 2010, I accepted a contract job opportunity in Seoul, Korea.  Approximately 2 years after my arrival there, I noticed the Nikon D7000 (with an 18-105mm kit lens) on a sale display at the PX on Yongsan Garrison, and on impulse, I purchased it.  I knew it had to be good if my brother had one, so ... why not?

In the months following my purchase, I toted the D7000 out on hiking trips and around Seoul to familiarise myself with its functions, and while I obtained some passable results, most of my shots were booty.  This set me on a path that, unbeknownst to me, would never end.  Throughout the subsequent years, I spent time researching and experimenting with various photographic techniques, and before I knew it, I was fully entrenched in this.

Thus was the immaculate conception of Clayton Jones Images.  Though I have accumulated quite a bit of experience, it is still an ongoing journey, much like life itself, and I still feel as though there is much more to learn.

If you're reading this, a sincere thank you for being a part of my journey as a photographer and as a person. <3

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